The proposed new Constitution for Tennis South Africa NPC has been passed by the TSA Council of Provincial Presidents. 

The previous TSA Constitution was last reviewed and amended in July 2008. Since then a number of changes in the legal framework and operational environment have occurred, that required us to either amend our previous Constitution or adopt a new one.

After careful consideration and in view of the importance of this matter, the TSA President, with Board approval, appointed a Taskforce to consider, consult and review the Constitution. On the advice of our attorneys, Shepstone & Wylie, it was agreed that as there had been an enactment of a new Companies Act, shortly after the last amendment to our present Constitution, we had no choice but to in fact have a new Constitution.

This new Constitution is compliant with all the requisites of the Companies Act of 2008 and, where possible, incorporate the principles of recommended “good governance” as set out in King IV. Furthermore the new Constitution is compliant with the requirements of SASCOC and thereby the International Olympic Committee, as tennis is an Olympic sporting code.

The new Constitution also empowers TSA to more effectively manage and govern the business of tennis in South Africa, whilst at all times being transparent, ensuring accountability and sportsmanship.

For any questions about this matter please feel free to contact us via [email protected]


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